Life and Carrots

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Son is kneeling on his chair by the table. His eyes are focused intently and he’s breathing through his mouth, like he always does when he’s really concentrating. I’m gently holding a carrot on the sides so Son can pull the vegetable peeler down the length of the carrot by himself. Son’s dark brown eyes contrast with the carrot’s bright orange. It’s the first time he’s done this. Right before this moment, I gave him a serious talk about the sharpness and danger of the vegetable peeler. He’s trying hard to do a good job, to be careful. He pulls down gently and a perfect length of peel comes away. We both exhale.

Son has wanted to wield the vegetable peeler for at least half his life. It has remained stubbornly out of his reach until now. The way he holds it, turning it gently in his hands, looking at it from every angle, tells me how satisfying this moment is for him.

I think about growing up and how so much of it is just waiting for our bodies and minds to catch up with our desires. I know for Son, that wait can seem endless sometimes. It’s nice to be here with him when he can finally grasp something that’s been out of reach for so long.

What are you grateful for today?

Morning Cooking

Late morning. Daughter is sleeping in the carrier, of course, it’s become her favourite place to sleep. One of her impossibly round cheeks is pressed against my chest and her tiny mouth hangs open slightly. Son is at preschool.

Cool air breezes in the open door and windows.

I’m standing in the kitchen. My hands are wet from rinsing cilantro in the sink. Now I’m plucking the leaves off the stem for cooking later this week. I can smell the green of the cilantro as well as see it. I feel at home in my home.

What was your favourite moment today? What are you grateful for today?