Son is in his room, bathed and changed into PJs. Husband watches as Son pushes a red car around the room, pretending he’s Ryder from Paw Patrol, off on a mission with his highly talented pups.

I pass Son’s room and tiptoe into our room next door. Daughter is sleeping in her carrier. I kneel quietly by her swing and take her out of the carrier oh so gently. She tenses momentarily, then relaxes into the seat of the swing and closes her eyes. I exhale. She’s still asleep. Amazing. I quietly push the switch to start the swing. It rocks her gently back and forth.

Feeling lighter, I go to Son’s room and sit behind Husband in the doorway. Here, we are out of the way as “Ryder” zooms past with his car. Soon the play portion of bed-time will be done and I’ll brush Son’s teeth. But not quite yet. “Ryder” needs to finish the mission first. I lean against Husband’s back. His back is solid and warm. The warmth fills me as I breathe him in. I close my eyes and let myself rest.

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