Ginger Tea

I didn’t get much sleep last night. All day I’ve been tired and fighting a headache.

After Son goes to bed, the headache starts winning the fight and I retreat to the bedroom with Daughter. Daughter isn’t sleeping, and the headache turns to stomach ache. I put Daughter down while I head to the bathroom to throw up.

Husband, who has just finished doing all the dishes, comes to check on me. I can see the worry in his eyes. He picks up Daughter, who has been fussing, and gives me cajeput oil. As I rub it on my temples, the menthol smell surrounds and soothes me.

“Can I get you anything?”, he asks. “Ginger tea?”

“Ok”, I say. “Ginger tea, thanks.”

I crawl back into bed and nurse Daughter, who finally sleeps.

Husband comes quietly upstairs with the tea, made of love and care and help, just when I needed it.

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