Son has been playing with kids in our neighbourhood. We’ve just come in from outside and he’s angry; at the kid who sprayed water on his bike wheel, the other kid who tried to ride his bike without asking, and the girl who wouldn’t play with him. He’s also mad at me for making him carry his little bike home, likely also for making him come home at all.

He wants to storm around the house and break things, and I have to stand in his way. I try a few things to help him calm down, but all my solutions fail. He’s angry and I’m frustrated. I decide we need Footloose.

I put the song on our ancient CD player and I’m surprised when Son doesn’t protest. I start to dance and he actually joins me, in his way, doing “Paw Patrol Cartwheels”, as I dust off my bad eighties dance moves. Son stops, he’s bored. I tell him to take my hands and dance with me.

He actually does it. He puts his hands in mine, but of course he doesn’t really know how to dance. He’s four. He knows how to spin though. He leans back and we start whirling around and around, our hands gripping each other tightly. I watch the carpet spin around my feet and we start giggling. I haven’t spun like this in a hundred years. We both get dizzy and fall over. Son laughs. A pure, happy, sparkly laugh. “Again”, he says. I take his hands and we spin again and again until the storm clouds of the day are gone and only happiness remains.

What are you most grateful for today?

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