Kim Jong Baby

We are sitting at the table eating lunch. Husband, Son and I are at the table and Daughter is in her bouncy chair.

Daughter’s hair is fine and fluffy, and she has lost some of her hair at the front,  as babies do, so that she is almost bald near her forehead and has longer tuft of hair sticking up on the crown of her head. There is something about the way the light is hitting her hair that makes it stand out. It looks to me like a little cloud or dandelion fuzz floating over her head. She’s looking around in a bright-eyed, cross-eyed, baby way.

I point out the fuzzy hair to Husband, who says, “She looks like Kim Jong-Un.” And – she kind of does, with her hairline, sticking-up hair, chubby cheeks and double chin. Husband laughs hard, and so do I.

2 thoughts on “Kim Jong Baby

    1. Thanks!! It’s funny you mention that song because my husband and I have actually sung it – or rapped it? – to both our kids. I guess we could sing it to Daughter with new lyrics now. 🙂

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